Overhaulin ...

Watch Auto Collision Solutions transform a "65 Thunderbird, two Mustangs and the Biggest Beater in America to Show Room Ready"


Episode 5: Illegal Fowl
The Overhaulin team steals a 1965 Ford Thunderbird from a Deputy Sheriff, with the help of his wife and his eight teenage children. The lawman is put to the test by the team's pranks, including a very tense moment at the junkyard with a car crusher.


Episode 6: One Ugly Horse
Sixteen years ago an accident left Mike with a broken neck, back, and broken nose. But after rehab, his healthy lifestyle and exercise program impress everyone around him. Watch as his dream of owning a Mustang like "Gone in 60 Seconds" is brought to life.


Episode 7: Snaked
Ana has a Mustang she adores. Unfortunately, Ana is also dealing with Lupus. Richard, her husband, says that you wouldn't know she was sick because she's so cheery and vibrant and super-excitable; she would totally flip if her Mustang were overhauled!


Episode 13: The Biggest Beater in America
Our Overhaulin' judges will select the biggest beater in America and then ask viewers to submit suggestions online for how best to transform the vehicle. And voila! One lucky winner gets a Chip Foose custom car makeover.